BSc. Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fisheries form an important sector of Uganda’s economy and contribute significantly to the nutritional welfare of millions of people in the great lakes region and currently eexports in Uganda increased to $ 248 Million Dollars by end of 2015. That is why the word Fisheries categorically features in the name of the Ministry: Ministry of Agriculture and Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF).

The programme addresses capture fisheries which depend on wild fish stocks, and Acquaculture [the production of aquatic  organisms under controlled conditions]. The overall objective of the programme is to produce graduates who are able to sustainably produce and/or utilize aquatic resources for present and future generations. Taught courses are drawn from: Genetics, Cell and molecular biology, Research methods, Communication skills ,Hydrobiology, Environmental protection and Impact Assessment, A qua culture, Aquatic microbiology, and Ecology, Fisheries/Assessment, Fisheries socioeconomics and management, Fisheries and aquaculture extension, Fishing gear and Aquaculture engineering, Captive management of freshwater fishes, Fish nutrition, Fish breeding and Endocrinology, Fish processing technology and quality assurance, Utilization of non-conventional aquatic resources.


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BSc. Fisheries and Aqualculture