Zoology Aquaria

As a centre of excellence in training for the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Uganda at the degree level, ZEFS Department has recently revamped the aquarium facility with an outdoor aquarium located at the College of Natural Sciences main JICA  building which is of aesthetic value fully stocked with both exotic and endemic fish species i.e  gold fish , mirror carp , blue lips and  barbus. The department also boasts of having an indoor aquarium facility with 17 tanks run on a flow through system in located at  basement of the New Zoology building(NZ) . It is used as a study facility  for internship of students and research projects and will soon be a hub promoting urban aquaculture based on the tank system which is not very common for now and value addition  .Currently  it is stocked with the following fish species majorly  harnessed from the Lake Nabugabo ecosystem are  manly traditional fish species  including Lung fish(mamba),Barbus (Kisinja), Ctenopoma muriei(Ocellated Labyrinth Fish),Tilapia ;ngege including Tilapia variabilis ,Oreochormis niloiticus,Catfishes including among others male , Nsonzi  and the   African Lampeye Killifish. Most of these are extinct and are currently kept for study purposes and research  for later reintroduction in the wild The aquarium also boasts of  having exotic species including gold fish and mirror carp.