Climate change at ZEFS

The challenge posed by the increasing variability and change in climate is now recognized internationally, regionally and nationally.  As such, current policies and development plans have recommended incorporation of climate change in all aspects of education and development. There is however inadequate training in Africa to address the impacts of climate change on natural resources and livelihoods. Most training institutions have curricula covering basic and applied research but there is limited or no coverage of climate change. In recognition of the above challenges, the Department of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries Sciences has been at the forefront of building capacity in addressing climate change issues through: having climate change and biodiversity course units in the curricula, creating awareness on climate change; facilitating introduction of climate change in fisheries training in tertiary institutions; equip students with scientific and technical capacity to anticipate and evaluate changes in climate and its influence, communicate information to stakeholders, design, test and implement adaptation strategies and mitigation measures; and increasing human resource capacity to address climate change issues through MSc. training.