Zoology Responding to Needs of Grassroots Communities

The mandate of University is to generate knowledge and impart it to society. The overarching purpose of knowledge acquisition is to uplift the quality of life. This calls for linkages to communities. Over the years, the Department of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries Sciences has made persistent innovative contributions to development in the contemporary society in various sectors.

In the energy sector, knowledge of the metabolic pathways of microbes has been tapped to construct and set up biogas facilities for citizen science activities in Wakiso District (figure 1).

In the science education sector, the Department has continued to develop learning materials to respond to the needs of science and technology in Uganda and beyond. The highly successful text book, “Biology for East Africa”, published by Cambridge University Press, was written in this department (figure 2) 

Furthermore the department has been instrumental in Uganda’s national response to the climate change problem under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate Change (UNFCCC). It has provided human resource to lead the climate change negotiations on adaptation for over a decade. Also, a range of climate change national instruments have been produced in the department. Among these are the: (i) National climate change training manual for climate change desk officer, and (ii) The National strategy and action plan to strengthen human resources and skills to advance green, low-emission and climate-resilient development in Uganda.