Field study in tropical marine ecology at Indian ocean

Marine Biology is a key component of Hydrobiology course for Fisheries and B.Sc. Zoology programmes at Makerere University. Annually, the department has offered field training in Marine Biology to BFA and B.Sc. students at Indian Ocean. The study aims at exposing and acquainting students to marine ecosystems, their ecological importance, utilization, challenges, conservation and management strategies. The study contributes to training-for-the-global-demand, hence a critical step towards achieving internationalization of Makerere University.

The field activities include exploring differences between fresh and Marine ecosystems, especially in flora and fauna diversity, habitat diversity e.g. coral reefs, rocky, sandy, and estuarine (Mangrove) habitats, special phenomena like tides and the intertidal zones as well as the characteristics of fisheries sector, landing site management and commercial aquarium set-up and operations.